The Unconventional Indian


Hello beautiful people! Well I recently collaborated with a potrait photographer(the very talented Prateek Patel) and we tried to do a series called the Unconventional Indian.


Women in this country are at a point where they want to hold on to their values but still embrace modern changes. Often we are criticized for this particular trait.

She wears a saari and skirt alike
Touches feet and hearts the same
Respects the elders, follows herself
Treats her career as her husband
Filled with values and immoral
Loved and Hated
Are we ready for the unconventional girl yet?*


Hope this strikes a chord in you and makes this world accept feminism for what it means and not just a word.

Remember don’t hate, appreciate and always Wear Your Vogue 🙂

Much love,

Sim xx


Photography by Prateek Patel

Concept and Styling by Simran Handa


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