Wearing My Heart On My Tee!

Hello beautiful people! Hope your having a great week! In today’s post I have collaborated with RedWolf , an online portal for creative clothing and other merchandise.

As most of you know, I absolutely love wearing t-shirts that are simple but easy to connect with. RedWolf has a great combination of both these elements, so I literally feel like I’m wearing my heart and not just a t-shirt.

  • Bad Guys For Life (Mojo Jojo)

I created a ‘good girl gone bad’ look with this super evil tee of Mojo Jojo. He was my ultimate childhood villain and to be honest, I liked him more than the PowerPuff Girls 😛 I guess in the end, we all fall for the bad guys. Just wearing this tee brings back memories along with a super stylish, bad girl vibe! This is an essential buy for every girl to have or gift to her better halves’.



  • Jon Snow Lives

I have just three words for you.


This epic tee “You Know Nothing, Jon Snow” is my favourite line from the TV Series and being a loyal fan of Jon Snow I absolutely couldn’t resist it. I wore it with my chic element, just like Snow, pairing it with heels and a body con skirt. I also added some shades with blue hues to the outfit. For every Jon Snow fan out there, this one is for you!


RedWolf has an amazing collection of fun and creative clothing for every mood and every heart. So if you feel it, you can wear it with RedWolf. (Click to check them out!) I hope you connect to this the way I do. Any feedback is always welcome. Remember don’t hate, appreciate and always Wear Your Vogue!

Much Love,

Sim xx

Photography – Chetan Solanki

Outfit Details – Both T-shirts: RedWolf, Jeans: United Colours of Benetton, Skirt: Forever21, Heels: Steve Madden, Shoes: ShoeMart


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