Garnier Ultra Blends Review – #BlendedWithLove


Hello beautiful people! I hope you all are doing great! Sorry I haven’t been able to do many posts, but there was some problem with my blog, which is now all fine. So anyways, as you can see, today my post is about the new Ultra Blends Hair Care Products, launched recently by Garnier in India.

Even though I was unable to attend the event hosted by Garnier, beautiful blogger Aanam C from @WhatWhenWear and Garnier sent me across this beautiful hamper.(P.S. Do checkout Aanam’s review of the products on her blog too—I absolutely love her work 🙂 )


First of all I absolutely loved the presentation of the hamper and I think it was one of the most beautiful gifts I have received. There was a little note inside telling me more about Ultra Blends Products along with brochures.

These haircare products are rich with natural ingredients which are all organic and leave hair nourished as well as beautiful. The one I tried first was the Royal Jelly and Lavender Blend as I have been having a bit of a hair fall due to experimenting with my hair.


  • This one specialises in strengthening weak hair and reducing hair fall.
  • After washing 2 times in a week, I definitely felt a reduction in hair fall .
  • Also it did not leave any strong, unwanted fragrance in my hair (which I generally hate in organic shampoos)
  • It did not give rise to extreme foam and lather while washing (another quality I like in my shampoos)
  • However, I think it was a little dry for my hair, as I generally have dry hair.
  • Most importantly my hair felt less frizzy, something I absolutely loved, because every curly haired girl like me secretly wishes for that every monsoon 😛


I also tried the 5 Precious Herbs Blend as I absolutely love these ingredients.

  • I found this one to be more nourishing and it softened my hair.
  • It also left my hair moisturised and rejuvenated.
  • It contains some beautiful ingredients like Aloe, Henna, Eucalyptus, Green Tea and Lemon which have been suggested by experts for achieving luscious as well as healthy hair.
  • Like the previous blend, it also did not contain any foul odour or extra foamy qualities, which I loved.

The other blends that I haven’t tried but want to  —-

  1. Rich Almonds and Soy Milk Blend
  2. Henna and Blackberry
  3. Mythic Olive 


These products are not only reasonably priced (only Rs.55/-) but also totally worth it. I would definitely use them, especially for days I have special events. Also with all the torture we subject are hair to these days, I think this product is a great way to let you hair indulge in a nourishing experience and find that missing shine. Garnier Ultra Blends are a ‘Must Try’  because they are truly #BlendedWithLove .

I hope you found this review helpful. Please feel free to share your suggestions, feedback, questions or comments with me. Also share with me your Garnier Ultra Blends experience and let me know how your hair feels! Remember, don’t hate, appreciate and always Wear Your Vogue ! 🙂

Much Love

Sim xx


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