Summer Dress Re-Invented : Shirt Dress

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Hello beautiful people! How are you guys doing? Hope you are having a great day! Well we all know summer is coming and i was trying to find a better way to re-invent summer dresses!

Well summer dresses are generally  BRIGHT COLOURED, FLORAL OR FEMININE 

So instead of that i went for a military coloured ,short, shirt dress!

Quirky — YES     Boring — HELL NO!

I wanted to give summer dresses some edge and prove that just because the sun is here you don’t have to loose your chic. You can still find a way to turn that summer trend around and re-invent old fashions. I have to tell you a shirt dress, believe it or not, is one of my most favourite buys of all time.

Its not only raw and edgy but also extremely casual and convenient. You can either dress it up or dial it down, whatever you like. So this is a most definite MUST BUY according to me this summer to keep you cool, the way you like it it.

Please do share with me how are you re-inventing your closet with summer coming up! Hope you found this post helpful 🙂 Please do share your comments, feedback and criticism. Remember, don’t hate, appreciate and always Wear Your Vogue 🙂

Much Love,

Sim xx

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5I9B7295 copy

5I9B7246 copy

Photography – Meghna Bhalla

Outfit Details-

Shirt Dress- Forever21, Shoes – Shoemart, Necklace,Sunnies &Bangles – Accessorize , Rings – Blissful Accessories


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