Destination : Israel


Hello all you beautiful people! Sorry have not written for a while. How are you guys? Well today I want to tell you all about one of the destinations I recently visited. That’s right, it’s Israel!

I have to admit I had my doubts before I left for Israel because of all the controversial things we hear about constantly in the papers, however when I got there it was absolutely nothing like what I had heard at all.

The city I visited was Tel Aviv. It is a beautiful city full of pretty and chic houses. Some even call it ‘The White City’ as i was informed by my Israeli guide because of all the white houses present at every corner. The beach was also just a few minutes from my hotel and the water was crystal clear accompanied with white sand. I was performing with my team “Navdhara India Dance Theatre” at the Suzanne Dellal Centre which was located in an area with beautiful little coffee shops and bistros to spend the evenings with your friends.

I also visited Jerusalem and The Dead Sea which was an absolutely amazing experience. There was a farmer’s market a few minutes away from my hotel and it was home to the most amazing fruits and veggies I have eaten. Also some of my local food favourites include hummus and pita bread, shwarmas and I think I fell in love with the size of their Magnum Cornetto IceCream.

The people were also very friendly and extremely helpful. At some shops I was also welcomed with Hindi Bollywood Songs played by the vendors. They are fun-loving and honest people.

Israel has opened my eyes to the fact that not everything in the news is always true! It was a wonderful journey for me to explore the beauty this country holds. Most of my outfits are inspired by the positive vibes I got from the city and you can check them out below 🙂

I hope you get a chance to visit some day. If you already have visited it or wish to visit then share your experience in the comments below. Remember don’t hate, appreciate and always wear your vogue 🙂

Much Love ,

Sim xx

Day 1




Outfit Details : Top and Shirt – forever21, Shorts- HNM, Shoes- Public Desire (public, Bag- Victoria’s Secret, Shades- Dulce Couture (

Day 2




Outfit Details: Top and Skirt- Forever21, Sandals- Dubai Shopping




IMG_20151109_183824-1   IMG_20151109_183901-1

Outfit Details: Jumpsuit- Guess

Day 4

IMG_20151109_182852-1   20151030_121636-1

Outfit Details: Leotard and Leggings- Forever21, Boots- HNM

Day 5



Outfit Details: Me: Top and Necklace- Forever21, Maxi Skirt – HNM

On Him: Shirt and Shoes- Forever21Men, Jeans – Levis

Day 6



Outfit Details: T-Shirt Dress – Store Twenty One (

Picture Credits : Chetan Solanki


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